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Abuse Complaint

We’re sorry that you’re unhappy about a site hosted on Polyurb. We take all abuse complaints seriously. Here’s a summary of our policy on abuse complaints:

  • This form is for reporting non-spam complaints. Please report spam through our Spam Complaint page.
  • As per our Terms of Service we do not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, legality, or tastefulness of any content posted by our users. We are protected from any liability for any content posted by our users under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
  • We do not comply with requests for personal information about any of our users or their end users without appropriate documents (e.g., a warrant, a court order) from law enforcement, a government agency, a court of law, or other appropriate organization.
  • Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy lists multiple reasons we may investigate and remove a site from our service, however this is entirely at our discretion and we are not bound by any terms to remove a site on request.
  • None of the information provided on this page constitutes legal advice or creates any kind of legal agreement between you and us, it is only provided for informational purposes.